Product Name:Mixer Amplifier
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MA-100P/200P/300P/400P/500P/600P   MIXER AMPLIFIER

◆Designed with the 4-16Ω output and 70V/100V output
◆The switch priority is available for MIC1 to convenience the priority broadcast access
◆Equipped with the  output short circuit、overheat、overload and alarm protection(LED flickers)
◆6-zone independent volume control output
◆3 MIC input, 3 AUX input and 1 AUX output
◆With the TREBLE/BASS adjustment
◆With "Ding Dong" indication tone
◆10 segments of LED level indicating
◆With FM radio/MP3 player/wireless bluetooth to connect mobiles、PC and other wireless devices to play


 Model No.           MA-100P    MA-200P    MA-300P   MA-400P      MA-500P   MA-600P 
 Rated Power Output       100W      200W             300W        400W        500W      600W
 Power Supply                                                           AC 220V/50Hz
 Output Mode                                                        4-16Ω、70V、100V
 Line Output                                                            600Ω/1V(0dB)
 MIC Input Sensitivity                                                              7mV, 600Ω
 Frequency Response                                                        80Hz-16KHz(±3dB)
 Tone Adjustment                                  BASS:±10dB @ 100Hz, Treble:±10dB @ 10KHz
 Line Input Sensitivity             300mV,10KΩ                                    280mV,10KΩ
 Distortion                                     0.5%(1 kHz)              1%(1 kHz)
 S/N Ratio (LINE)        77dB                                                         80dB
 S/N Ratio (MIC)        70dB                                                         75dB
 AC Consumption       180W         360W        550W        680W        720W       900W
 Item Dimension          484X410X88mm                                  484X470X88mm
 Net Weight        13Kg        18Kg         20Kg          22Kg       25Kg          27Kg  
 Gross Weight       14.5Kg       19.5Kg        22Kg          24Kg       27Kg       29Kg
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