Product Name:Mixer Amplifier
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MA-160S/220S/330S/410S/500S/600S  MIXER AMPLIFIER

◆Designed with the 4-16Ω output and 100V output
◆The switch priority is available for MIC1 to convenience the priority broadcast access
◆Equipped with the  output short circuit、overheat、overload protection
◆With 4-CH zones to convenience the linkage
◆3 MIC input, 2 AUX input and 1 AUX output


 Model No.          MA-160S    PA-220S   PA-330S    PA-410S     PA-500S   PA-600S 
 Rated Power Output       160W       220W      330W       410W        500W      600W
 Power Supply                                                              AC 220V/50Hz
 Output Mode      4-16Ω Balance Output,4 independent zones,100V constant voltage output
 AUX Output                                                              600Ω 1V  (0dB)
 Input              MIC1、2、3: 600Ω/2.0-4.0mv, AUX1、2: 15KΩ/775mv Unbalanced
 S/N Ratio                                          MIC 1、2、3: 66dB; AUX1、2: 70dB
 Frequency Response                                                        80Hz-16KHz(±3dB)
 THD                                     Less than 0.1% at 1KHz, 1/3 rated power
 Tone Adjustment                                 BASS:±10dB at 100Hz; Treble:±10dB at 15KHz
 Mute Function                                         MIC1 Signal Covers Other Input Signal
 Protection                                           DC Output、Overload、Short Circuit
 AC Consumption        250W       360W       550W       680W        720W      900W
 Item Dimension         484×410×88mm                                     484×470×88mm
 Net Weight       15Kg      16.5Kg         18.5Kg       20Kg       23Kg        25.5Kg  
 Gross Weight     16.3Kg       18Kg        20Kg       22Kg      25.5Kg      27Kg
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