Product Name:Super Waterproof Garden Speaker
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GS-01P Super Waterproof Garden Speaker

◆With the global climate change aggravation,the flood happens to varying degrees one after another in China and even the
whole world.It terribly inundates or soaks.Under this background,the super outdoor waterproof garden speaker series come out.

◆Adopting the firm and durable glass fiber reinforced plastics(GFRP)、special waterproof construction and the latest waterproof
audio material,the speakers accord with dustproof & waterproof level of IP67/IP68.This is the timely advanced application in the
BGM system field.As the 1st globaly created products owned by we KHz,they are suitable for all outdoor areas.

◆Besides,this super waterproof garden speaker runs at 360 degrees with excellent music and voice reproduction.And the speaker
transmission is much farther than the common.Compared with ABS & any other garden speakers,the GFRP features anti-sunshine
(ultraviolet rays)、anti-aging、violent resistant & hard object resistant,and so on. This enables its much longer life.The green
look appears that beautiful & grand,thus enabling your lawns、parterres、gardens,etc to be full of characteristic tastes.Because
it's extraordinary and it becomes the 1st choice for all luxurious locations too!

◆Because it can be immersed in water for a long time and excellently performs,the lethal damage to speakers will be easily
avoided and ended when immersed in water. More importantly,this save a lot of cost in later maintenance.



 Model No.                                 GS-01P.A                         GS-01P.B
 Speaker Unit                5"*1,FULL RANGE                             8"*1,1"*1
 Material                                        Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics(GFRP)
 R.M.S Power(70V/100V)                                                       15/30W
 MAX.Power                                                           60W                 
 Surrounding                                                        -20~95℃
 Connection                                          BLACK:COM, BLUE:15W, RED:30W 
Frequence Response(Hz)                      50-20,000                     60-15,000
 Sensitivity(1W/1m)                           98dB                          92dB
 S.P.L(Rated/1m)                          120dB                         108dB
 Protection Mode                                                    Automatically
 Protection Level                 IP68(Highest)                               IP67
 Net Weight                         7.7KG                                7.2KG
 Gross Weight                         9.6KG                                9.1KG             
 Item Dimension                                                     335X335X340mm
 Packing                                                 1PC/365X365X355mm


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